All of our video clips are self produced, following the Guerrilla Records line.

We love creating video clips because it abstracts us for a few days from the usual studio environment. We love being able to express ourselves in a different way than music, even though it is present. It is an escape route and it also enriches the album we intend to release.

Very low or no-budget videos, always made between friends

and with the little technical equipment that a man can carry in one or two backpacks.

To date (November 2020) everything has been filmed with a Canon 600d DSRL type camera and some very good quality old lenses, purchased at flea markets and second hand stores. In fact, almost everything was shot with a Fujinon 55mm f1.8 M42 lens purchased for € 5 at a second-hand store.

Continuous exploration, experimentation and learning. Those are the guidelines that have marked the way up to now, with our successes and our failures but always trying to do better. We have recorded many hours to extract only a few minutes and still not feel completely satisfied. We have gone into many abandoned works, tunnels and forests trying to find an ideal photo. We have not found the holy grail yet, so we will continue recording and experimenting with the camera in the purest Guerrilla Records style.