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Superbreaker is back with a new single titled Time Is Over. An original theme, created during the pandemic and in which he shows an unusual style in his repertoire.

Superbreaker - Time is Over (UNB005)

A “classic” style song, inspired by the sound of the Andalucian breakbeat, where the sharp arpeggios develop emotional and evocative harmonies. A hypnotic atmosphere and trance overtones fly over a broken, forceful and powerful rhythm.

With this pure breakbeat track, he wants to recreate that atmosphere of the late 90s in Malaga, Granada or Seville, where he usually went to raves and clubs. Influenced by the greats of the genre and having listened to a lot of breakbeat, he tried to create a style that he never got very close to and which was not his favorite. Perhaps to remove a thorn or to prove to himself that he is capable of it.
The end result is a trance and hypnotic breakbeat track with powerful rhythmic continuity and harmonic development.
Regarding the Production of this track, it should be noted that it has been created entirely with hardware synthesizers and sequencers.
The brains of this Production are two Akai Mpc2500, which drive several classic synthesizers such as a Roland JV2080, an Oberheim Matrix 6R, a Yamaha Cs1x and some Roland R5 or Yamaha Rm50-type drum synthesizers, among others.
All this mixed and seasoned with a Midas Venice F32 and a Tascam M208 with which he mixes and records each track to achieve a thick and defined mix.