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Matt Correa’s new ep sounds like Electronic music and is full of energy and good dancing. 4 original songs composed between 2013 and 2022 and that come to light in August 2023.

The new one by Matt Correa sounds like electronic dance music and is made up of four songs produced over the last ten years. Dance electronics with indie dance and tech house nuances. A multitude of background sound effects create and narrate different day-to-day situations in an indirect way. Arpeggiated synthesizers, filtered chords, deep basses and rhythms with a certain disco touch.

A fairly complete ep in terms of stimuli of all kinds, where we can find the essence and style of Matt Correa, even leaving his comfort zone.

These four songs have been produced in Matt Correa’s studio, which has changed over the years. Initially in 2013, these songs were meant to be played live with no intention of releasing them to the digital market. In 2015, a series of old synthesizers fell into the hands of Matt, a temporary loan from Ramon Navas “Flyfluss”, with which he configured a versatile set to compose and play live. Among them an Oberheim Matrix 6R, a Yamaha TG33 and an Emu Proteus World. All this on a stable base directed by an Akai MPC2500, Matt’s faithful companion since the 2000s.

Matt later recovered these tracks and extracting anything salvageable from the original projects, he set out to update and release them all together as one ep, using his current studio setup, which is still under the control of two Akai mpc2500s and various synths and boxes. of rhythm. All this under the watchful eye of a Midas Venice F32 mixer. It is also common in his studio to find some Reel2Reel or an old Tascam M-208 that he uses to saturate signals and give color and texture to certain instruments.