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Alejandra Toledano and Superbreaker join forces and sign together the fourth release of UnBeat Records. A great mix that results in two original vocal Breakbeat tracks.

Alejandra Toledano, co-owner of Carapapa Records, sister label of UnBeat and Guerrilla Records, brings two original songs titled, Let It Flow and Only You to sign the fourth reference for UnBeat Records, together with Superbreaker.

Alejandra leaves her comfort zone and enters the breakbeat with two powerful tracks that take you to the dance floor. Pianos and forceful basses accompany Alejandra’s voice, creating two very similar atmospheres, full of nuances and nostalgia.

At first these two songs were destined for another style but they finally ended up under the production of Superbreaker to become two Breakbeat hits with a certain retro character.
Alejandra has the ability to write simple lyrics that fully convey what she wants to express. Lyrics that talk about love and the intense feelings that emanate from hearts in love. Lyrics that talk about dancing and having a good time. To loosen your inhibitions and enjoy the closeness of friends. Of magical places that make us feel good and places to stay for a lifetime. From the sea, the beach and the magical environment where Alejandra has always lived. The smell of the orange blossom and the light and the special color of the sunset. Lyrics that transmit tranquility and good feelings.

In this Ep Alejandra Toledano transmits some of these concepts helping the work to transport us to that golden age of breakbeat and raves where you found friends and acquaintances that you only found in that environment. Parties in which the good vibrations exceeded everything imaginable.