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The second installment of this series of releases by Matt Correa arrives with a song titled Speak Intelligible.

A super powerful theme that will arrive in mid-November through traxsource exclusively for 15 days and then on the rest of the platforms.

Matt Correa offers us the second of this series of three references whose common link is his production period. Three themes created post-pandemic in which we find several common influences and concerns. Influences acquired at the beginning of his career and rediscovered in the pandemic period where Matt was able to listen to countless albums and songs that left their mark at some point in his life. Jazz, funk, deep, garage and much more.

In Speak Intelligible we can find a long list of those influences synthesized in 6 minutes of House Music with a lot of character. A strong base and full of Groove in the purest Garage style takes you straight to the dance floor. Possibly the most notable thing on this track is the bass line. An abrasive and elastic sound stands out above everything else.

After much searching, Matt offers us the vocal line that gives the track its name, taken from an old documentary where someone explains the three keys to being a good interlocutor and carrying out a speech properly.