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A new way of dealing with these two songs that will be released in September 2022 on Beatport and, after 15 days, on the rest of the platforms.

Soul Intentions returns to Guerrilla Records at the helm of a reference with two remixes of their latest single. Fighter In Da House Remixes is a revision of a previous work, reference GRML026 from the Guerrilla Records catalogue. In that single we find two original songs with very forceful elements, recognizable in this new installment.

Fighter and In Da House return with two remixes created during the period of pandemic and confinement. These two remixes are a brilliant way to come full circle and freely expose a series of unusual but necessary elements to create this hypnotic and progressive environment. All produced under the strict command of its two Akai Mpc2500, which provide a special character to the final result.

These remixes are included in Matt Correa’s live shows like Soul Intentions, where he unleashes live adaptations of his most recent songs, all recreated from two Akai MPCs. An apparently simple set due to its configuration in which he improvises on his own compositions.

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