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Mike Molina has arrived to Guerrilla Records marking style and good manners with a single that gives off funky and groove everywhere. Rogue character, resounding sound, downtempo pulse and a deep and striking voice reminiscent of American big bands. A song that talks about a fast pace of life and how short time is when tasks pile up.
It will be released late November 2021 on the usual digital download and streaming portals such as Traxsource, Beatport, Spotify or Applemusic.
An ep produced by Matt Correa, who brings his wisdom to the genre. Matt feels confortable around funk, disco and downtempo, being these conducting cables that usually link all of his productions.
In addition to technical and musical production, Matt dares with the electric bass and keyboards, giving that organic touch that blends the whole set.
30 MINUTES (Original mix)
The original version of «30 Minutes» we find Mike Molina in the foreground shining with his own light. His voice conveys security and confidence and he hovers freely over a background at 116 bpm. A selection of instruments and drum sounds that catch you from the first measure. Electric bass by Matt Correa as well as the keyboards and other arrangements.
An elegant song suitable for select settings on the beach or at a summer cocktail by the pool. Suitable to kick off that first-drink vibe and steer it toward something more serious.
30 MINUTES (Superfunk Remix Remix)
A much more energetic and daring version is the one that accompanies in the number two position of this release. Broken Beats, Modern Funk or NuJazz are some of the tags that we could use to define this version but we believe, without a doubt, that the most appropriate is Temazo!
A super-powerful, twisted, syncopated, sampled acoustic drum beat gives way to the rest of the rhythmic instrumentation. Funk at its best and a bit more speed to provide continuity to an infinite and hypnotic groove.
For a future reference we have prepared an ep with several remixes of “30 Minutes”, by Alberto Segador and Rubén Zurita, among others. A dancefloor focused release with remixes around House and Tech House.
Mike has been working and enjoyed his deepest passion for music for the past 40 years. He was Musical Director of the Puente Romano Hotel and Nobu Hotel on the ̈Marbella Golden Mile ̈. Music for him is like breathing: «I don’t get tired of breathing, I don’t get tired of music.»

Mike Molina was a DJ and music selector. One of those old school who know how to capture the public with a couple of glances and make them dance in the blink of an eye.
Mike Molina had a voice of those that attracts attention from the first «Hello.» A compact and deep voice with a very wide frequency range. His timbre is reminiscent of great voices like Mario Biondi or Sinatra, saving the distance, and without a doubt, he fits perfectly with funk, soul and also electronic music.

Mike Molina was born in the UK and has been a DJ since he was 15 years old, when he discovered his love for music at private parties and small clubs. United Kingdom, Spain, Los Angeles and New York. Being just a child, at the age of 9 he began to sing at local churches and weddings, years later his passion for music and rare grooves became an addiction. Mike used to spend his weekly salary as a teenager in London’s West End record stores. He soon became a DJ at private parties and local clubs in London, at age 18 he moved to Spain with his suitcases of records full of the latest releases from that era. As soon as he settled in Spain, he entered the music industry collaborating with record labels, radio and nightclubs, where he was able to reflect his UK-made cultural background and flavor in a wide variety of styles including Reggae, Funk. , Soul, Latin, Garage.

His artistic development continued towards the discovery of soul music. Later he entered the world of production, radio and promotion, growing as a DJ as he expanded his musical styles: Jazz, NuJazz, Funk, Latin, Reggae, Afro beat, Deep & Soulful, House, Disco & Nu Disco. His sessions have always been elegant and positive. His devotion to good music is well known among those who were lucky enough to have witnessed his sessions, which for him are a form of expression and a way of life, reflected in the positive reaction to the track. dance. Mike has been a pioneer in Spain by introducing styles and rhythms in a territory controlled by commercial Radio Formulas, it is not an easy task but he always surprised in his sets and selections with the most avant-garde sounds of the time, Rare Groove, Old School, Downtempo, Trip hop. Deep House & Soulful.