Matt Correa – She Is (GRML034)

We started this new era for Guerrilla Records with reference number 34 and it couldn’t be otherwise, this one is signed by Matt Correa. A reference that had been made for a long time but we did not decide to launch it, we still do not know very well why.
It will be released in mid-September exclusively for Traxsource for a period of 15 days. Later it will appear on the rest of the digital portals, both for downloading and streaming.
After an almost forced stop after the hardest part of the pandemic and after putting order to the internal structure of our foundations, after a long wait, we are back stronger than ever. We return with renewed energy and eager to rock! We’ve played a few buttons, tightened a few strings, and adjusted a few gears. We have disposed of everything we had left over and we have rethought the modus operandi. Now we feel more fit than ever and we have everything ready.