Soul Intentions – Fighter In Da House (GRML026)

This is the first reference of Soul Intentions in our house. Soul Intentions is the pseudonym used by Matt Correa to create and play old-style music. This project is based exclusively on hardware during the composition and its staging. It is a way of going back to the roots of everything. More direct music, focused on the dance floor and with the intention of taking it to the stage.

In this single he presents two very powerful songs, with a raw and intense sound. House music taken from the deepest of his two Akai MPC2500 and his synthesizers of the 90s.

Fighter makes a nod to the arcade classic, remembering those contemporary afternoons of the videogame and the way in which things were done. It is a little thorn that is removed cause He always had in mind to use that sample of sound. It is a thorn that is removed since He always had in mind to use that sample of sound. In Da House also has a very powerful bass and in this case someone tells us the true essence of this musical style, from the point of view of Soul Intentions. In addition, an hypnotic melody traps us for a few minutes, making us dance without thinking about anything else than enjoying.