Matt Correa – Something About (GRML024)

Deep House beyond the deep, almost reaching the abyss.
Three very different themes, which tell a story about music.
With a more electronic charisma than usual, Matt Correa makes a nod to previous influences in his career, wrapped in a fairly sharp and current sound.
Sound serious and forceful, focused on tracks and risky sessions.
Master Class is a theme developed during a school day taught by Matt. During those days a topic was created explaining the different processes. In this track we can find recorded sounds In Situ, like the Claps and Shakers.
Right Now Baby is a very personal track, produced from several synthesizers and simple MPC type.
A work of study and slow cooking.
Synthesizer hits, a very powerful percussion and a classic sample, make up this theme.
Something About is another study work but with a lighter cooking.
The bass line is what defines, without a doubt, this theme.
A Funk groove and synthetic bass are resources always present in the productions of this artist.