Matt Correa – Fake The Funk (GML028)

After his last two successful releases on King Street and Mood Funk Records, Matt Correa returns home with a super powerful, danceable and full of influences single.

He has spent a lot of time shaping and perfecting this work, which offers three versions of the same story. Fake The Funk makes criticism and self-criticism. It is a portrait of the DJ booths in which too much time is devoted to mobile devices. «Don’t Fake The Funk» is applicable to different situations and in this case Matt Correa addresses all those who prefer to dance, pay attention to what is happening and enjoy the moment! An undoubtedly funky theme with a sweeping bass line.

Inspired by house classics of the late 90’s, Matt Correa has played the Lead lines of this track. Sounds inspired by G-Funk and Disco music. In the extended version a track with text message sounds takes center stage, to make way for a super danceable stanza. This single is accompanied by the remix that Matt Correa uses live with his aka Soul Intentions, played with an Akai MPC2500.