Matt Correa – Gimme More (GRML013)

The reference number thirteen Guerrilla Records is the third of Matt Correa, alone to danger.

Gimme More is comprised of three tracks, the original version and two remixes, also from Matt Correa.
The original version has an obviously Deep House character.
The rhythm and bass provide a solid and strong base.

A Disco atmosphere very suitable for the other sounds that compose the melody. Acids and twisted pads give a mysterious touch, perfect for late at night.
The remixes are a clear evolution of the original version, using lines of it and out of context, are introduced into a completely different environment.
Psychedelic Mix has a more adequate basis for a festival, using the original acid and incorporating a broken backbeat, which make common link between this Remix and the last of them.

Old School Break Beat Mix uses the rhythm used in the previous Break Down Remix, giving it a starring role in the purest Break Beat style of 90’s.
A very personal track taken from the Matt Correa deep inside.