The Sunchasers – The Tranquility Train (GRML003)

t’s here the third reference Guerrilla Records.
This time by The Sunchasers
A reference well suited for summer season.
A very modern sound with which enjoy a wonderful evening and make it a magical moment. Sunsets on the beach or summer terraces
This reference consists of three tracks to choose from.
The original version is made up of a clear bass, almost touching the Downtempo. The main melody is based on synth arpeggios and friendly harmony, dressed with a tune that completes an epic and surrounding feeling. Also, the bass line is very strong but not take away importance the other elements.
Matt Correa is in charge of remix this track. His version shares virtually all elements of the original version except the rhythm and structure. In this case, a more compact base propels this track to be played more into the night.
We can also find a Chill Out version with broken beats and low speed, excellent for exhibition in other very different environments.